Jewelry engraving

Jewelry Engraving

Jewelry is among the most favored gift options as it invariably evokes a positive reaction from the recipient. It's consistently appreciated and never anticipated. Jewelry is a unique gift idea, and engraving makes it even more special. Create personalized jewelry with engraving for a unique and meaningful present.

Infinite Opportunities Exist as Mere Words Can Convey a Great Deal

Jewelry with engravings can eternally capture emotions and occasions. You can use it for important life events like graduations, engagements, births, weddings, promotions, or special days you want to remember. An engraved necklace can express gratitude, convey love, provide comfort, and offer support. Since you have full authority, you can customize items to match your fashion sense.

Engraving Services

JavdaJewelryexclusive offers high-quality engraving in block and script fonts. JavdaJewelry does all engravings with the most advanced equipment. We offer personalization for any purchase - from gold to platinum, tailored to your requirements, all within 2 Business Days.

Ideas For Engraving

Throughout the years, we've received requests to engrave almost every item in our collection. Engraving is often chosen to commemorate significant occasions, express gratitude, or convey messages of affection. Some of the most common occasions for opting to engrave fine jewelry include:

  • Engagement Weddings
  • Mother's Day Birthdays
  • Graduations Job Promotions
  • Father's Day Honors
  • Birth Notifications Anniversaries
  • Christmas Holidays

Tips For Engraving

If you're considering personalizing your jewelry with bespoke engraving, there are several factors to consider. What is the purpose of the engraving? What do you wish to engrave?

Which font style should you select? Should you engrave text or a date? We'll show you simple ways to find all the answers to these questions, so you can have the perfect custom piece.

What is the Purpose of the Engraving?

Firstly, consider the reason behind the engraving. Ask yourself, "What is the motive behind this engraving?" Is it to commemorate a special occasion or date?

Are you infusing your unique touch to craft a bespoke, exclusive piece? Are you conveying a heartfelt message to a loved one or a family member? Your responses to these queries will assist you in your journey.

What do You Intend to Engrave on the Selected Jewelry Piece?

Now that we have determined what you wish to engrave, we can better understand what we can engrave. Consider the available surface area as it will influence both the size and length of the engraving. Despite space being a constraint, it's possible to express a lot with a few words.

Primarily, reflect on the questions you've already answered.Are you celebrating something or sending congratulations? Is the engraving a small love letter or are you personalizing something for yourself?

How do You Envision the Engraving?

When deciding between cursive and block letter fonts, think about how you want to use them. Romantic messages are like scripts, while men like bold, geometric block fonts. The font style can significantly alter the visual appeal, providing another excellent method to further personalize your item.

For a compilation of engraving suggestions, check below.

Customized Laser Engraving

We employ a sophisticated Metal Laser Engraver. Be cautious of any non-laser engravings. Traditional engravers do not produce as visible results on harder metals.

The following characters can be engraved :

  • 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ! “ $ % & ‘ ( ) @ * + , . - ~ ? = ; :

Available Font Choices

Both uppercase and lowercase letters. Please note, accent characters cannot be engraved.30 Max characters: 39 Charges: $0000.

Engraving voids exchanges, returns, and warranty. If you don't provide engraving info with payment, we won't engrave the ring during order processing.

Font choices

Email us: [email protected]

With any questions.

We will inscribe your ring exactly as per your email instructions. If you don't wish to include punctuation, please don't include it in your email.

  • Example: "I Love You" This will be etched with the quotation marks.
  • Example: I Love You This will be etched without quotation marks.
  • Example: i love you This will be etched in all lowercase letters.

Please provide the font number and personal message when making payment. The system will use font number 11 if you don't specify a font. We will not engrave offensive language.


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