Jewelry customisation

Jewelry Customisation

JavdaJewelry is delighted to help you locate or create the unique ring you've been seeking. Just email us at [email protected] with what you need, and we'll give you a price or ask for more information. We excel in crafting bespoke jewelry.

You can customize various settings on our website to match your liking for metals and diamonds. Personalize your jewelry with names, dates, initials, or messages on engravable necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more. In addition, we provide hundreds of other mounting choices to meet your needs.

Please email us with any changes you would like to make regarding the diamond, gemstones, or metals. If you can't find what you like on our website, you can email us for assistance. We'll be glad to help you find what you want.

Whether it's your own design or something similar to what you've seen before, our designers will bring your vision to life.

How it Works

  • Step 1 Hand Designing

If you want a special ring, just ready to talk to our designer. If you desire a special ring, you can simply talk to our designer. Our designer will create a sketch of the ring you desire. The ring can be for engagement, wedding, or a simple design with either 3 stones or just one stone.

Contact us at 1(800)618-0057 or [email protected]. Our Javdajewelry consultant is ready to converse about your design concepts and needs.

  • Step 2 Creating Wire Frame Model

Our CAD designers use software to create a basic wireframe model from your sketch. This gives a fundamental idea of how the design will look.

  • Step 3 CAD Model

The designer creates a CAD model of the design according to your requirements. You will see your design exactly as it will appear when cast. You can also examine the diamond's setting too.

  • Step 4 Wax Model

After you approve your design, our expert team will create a custom piece. The time it takes will vary, but it should be around 0-00 weeks, depending on how complex your design is.

  • Step 5 Metal Casting

When you create an object like a ring, you shape it using a mold. We use wax to craft the object.

Plaster coats the wax, and then heating the mold removes the wax, leaving a hollow form. They pour melted gold into this hollow mold and cast the ring. Then, let the mold rest until the metal solidifies.

  • Step 6 Polishing

The polisher receives the ring. The polisher has a rotating silicon wheel with an abrasive mixture that gives a shiny metal finish. It trims and smooths the surface of the metal, eradicating noticeable signs of sanding, filing, or other abrasive processes.

Then, apply a large polishing brush to pre-polish the outside ring. A compact "tooth" brush effectively cleans inaccessible inner regions and gaps. You can also apply additional tools like a cross-sander.

  • Step 7 Stone Setting

Using specialized equipment, lighting, drills, and heat, jewelers expertly mount loose diamonds into engagement rings or other high-quality custom jewelry. Diamonds in birthstone jewelry collection hold sentimental value, often passed down as an heirloom from one generation to another.

  • Step 8 Finished Product

I buffed the ring and positioned the diamonds. Following that, we cleaned it using ultrasonic, steam, and electrical techniques. The band, whether made of platinum or gold, will now display a shiny, mirror-like surface.

A quality controller checks the ring before sending it for shipping. They ensure proper setting of the diamond or gemstone, perfect metal finishing, and correct hallmarking. Once the check approves the ring, the packing and shipping department sends it. They then deliver the ring to the customer.


USA & CA -1(800) 618-0057
UK - 0800-158-8052
AUS - 1800-195-871