1.5% discount bank wire

1.5% Discount Bank Wire

Paying by bank transfer entitles you to a 1.5% discount. A bank wire is a practical way to pay for your item. We will send you the account information you need to give your bank to move money straight from your account to a JavdaJewerly account once you place your order.

( Note: Fees from both the sending and receiving banks must be factored into the wiring amount ). Your bank can need a few days to process a bank wire. Your order is executed as soon as JavdaJewerly receives notification from your bank that the funds have been transferred. Use your bank's customer service line or give us a call if you have any queries about the procedures involved in sending money.


USA & CA -1(800) 618-0057
UK - 0800-158-8052
AUS - 1800-195-871