Conflict free diamonds

Conflict Free Diamonds

About Conflict Free Diamonds and Kimberly Diamond Process

From the inception of JavdaJewelry, we have consistently opposed the importation of conflict diamonds. We never engage in the sale of Conflict Diamonds. Not once.

We Never Sell Conflict Diamonds

JavdaJewelry promises to only buy and sell diamonds that are mined and distributed ethically sourced diamonds.

What are "Conflict Diamonds"?

Conflict Diamonds are diamonds mined in war zones or areas controlled by rebel groups, rather than by the government. People use diamonds from these places to illegally finance military actions against governments or the decisions of the UN Security Council. People sometimes refer to Conflict Diamonds as "Blood Diamonds."

The United Nations has been involved in efforts to address the issue of conflict diamonds, often referred to as "Blood Diamonds". The working conditions in the diamond mining areas associated with conflict diamonds are often extremely challenging and harsh.

The Kimberley Process

In May 2000, people from around the world met in Kimberley, South Africa to make rules for certifying ethical diamonds. To ensure a diamond is conflict free, the industry has established a system known as kimberley process kp certification scheme.

As of September 2021, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme is made up of participant countries and regions. This made it easier to understand and keep track of diamond exports.

Since implementing the kimberley process certification scheme kpcs, the DTC reports that they certify 99.8% of imported diamonds as conflict-free. Consumers can avoid buying conflict diamonds by looking for diamonds certified by the Kimberley Process. You can also think about lab-grown diamonds or lab created diamond, which don't have ethical concerns like mined diamonds. The Kimberley Process supply chain ensures conflict-free diamonds that don't support armed conflicts or human rights abuses.

Clean Diamond Trade Act

In May 2000, the United States Government signed a law called the Clean Diamond Trade Act. The US uses this law to stop the international trade in rough diamonds industry, while still supporting legal trade.

The objective of the Clean Diamond Trade Act is to safeguard the authentic diamond trade.

Certificate of Origin

A good Certificate of Origin system guarantees the sale of conflict-free diamonds from government-controlled areas on the global market. This system guarantees that only diamonds from these areas are available for sale. It prevents the sale of diamonds from conflict zones. The system ensures that diamonds sold on the global market are from government-controlled areas.

New rules impose heavy fines on those who don't follow them, preventing them from entering the real diamond business.


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