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Affiliate Program Faqs

1. Q: What is the Javda Jewelry Affiliate Program?

A: The Javda Jewelry Affiliate Program is a community of Webmasters, Internet developers, and entrepreneurs who promote and earn commissions while doing so. Affiliates place some specially formatted links on their websites. Commissions are earned when affiliates send purchasing activity, inquiring activity or new affiliates to Javda Jewelry through those links. Besides monthly commissions, our affiliates are given access to program promotion resources to optimize their efficacy, attract more traffic and earn more in this lucrative business. Therefore, Javda Jewelry affiliate program is a great platform for affiliates to start their own risk-free business.

2. Q: What are the benefits of participating in the Javda Jewelry Affiliate Program?

A: Javda Jewelry Affiliate Program offers many benefits to affiliates which including:

1. The opportunity to turn your website traffic into real money.

2. A great and safe way to enter jewelry business.

3. Various useful and compelling links enriching your websites' content.

4. Detailed reports to help you better understand your visitors' preferences and link performance.

Join us! All you need to do is deliver high-value content to your visitors, then cash the check.

3. Q: How do I sign up?

A: It is easy and totally free.Click here to view Javda Jewelry Affiliate Program Operating and Email Agreement. Once you accept the agreement and complete the affiliate registration form, you will receive a welcome email from, our affiliate network, regarding your participation as an affiliate of Javda Jewelry. This email will contains your username and password. With the completion of this step you a become affiliate member of Javda Jewelry

4. Q: How to start?

A: log-in to your account; you can access all resources in the platform. Select the most matching links, banners or ads for your web sites, copy the codes then paste on your websites. Make sure the placed links are adequately exposed to your visitors. The more chances visitors click the links to Javda Jewelry, the more money you earn. Is it easy? You post the links and we handle the rest of this business.

Remember to check your account periodically to get the updates of our program resources and get your commission reports.

You can also get the most useful marketing techniques in our learning center which will definitely help you become a Javda Jewelry super affiliate!

5. Q: Is the Program free?

A: Yes! There is absolutely no cost to become a Javda Jewelry Affiliate. Join now and start earning money today!

6. Q: Are all Web sites and businesses eligible to become Javda Jewelry affiliates?

A: We'd like everyone to promote Javda Jewelry; however, there are cases where we must disallow certain sites to participate in our Affiliate Program. We evaluate all affiliate applications carefully and notify each applicant of acceptance or rejection. But Javda Jewelry may reject any affiliate application if we determine that a site is unsuitable for the Program. Unsuitable sites include those that:

* Promote sexually explicit materials

* Promote violence

* Promote illegal activities

* Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age

* Otherwise violate intellectual property rights

If we reject your application, you are welcome to reapply to the Program at any time. Please note that your re-applications are also evaluated under the above terms.

7. Q: Are there any requests on participants' location?

A: No. We welcome people all around the world participate in our affiliate program.

8. Q: If I have more than one site, can I track them separately and operate under one Affiliate account?

A: No. You need to register separate affiliate accounts for each site. But you can receive your payment with single checking or saving account by providing the same information.

9. Q: Can nonprofits join this affiliate program?

A: Yes, we welcome nonprofit and charitable website to join our program.

10. Q: I don't have a Web site! Can I still be a Javda Jewelry affiliate and make money?

A: Yes, this affiliate program will even open your affiliate program to the offline world! With short, branded links it's easy for you to market your program using the following offline advertising methods:

* Print Ads

* Articles on website

* Flyers

* Business Cards

* Word Of Mouth

* Imagination Is The Only Limit! Learn more in our learning center!

11. Q: What is Javda Jewelry Compensation Policy?

A: See a complete description of Javda Jewelry Compensation.

12. Q: How do I know how much money I've earned?

A: You can access information on sales, commissions, visitors, clicks, impressions and conversion rates via the Javda Jewelry affiliate platform at

13. Q: How often are affiliates paid?

A: We pay monthly. Learn more in Javda Jewelry Compensation.

14. Q: What payment options do Javda Jewelry affiliates have?

A: Earnings can be collected via Paypal, direct deposit or Western Union. Learn more in Javda Jewelry Compensation.

15. Q: Once visitors click from my Web site to Javda Jewelry, how long will they be tracked?

A: Our cookie carries 60 return days. Your visitors' activity at Javda Jewelry will be recorded within 60 days after their first visiting.

If the above content doesn't cover your questions, please contact us.

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