Many people purchase diamonds as ornamental gemstones to improve their appearance. Because of its rarity, it's a popular choice for jewelry. Diamonds are beautiful and fashionable, but their high price worries many people who want them.

The controversy over the differences between lab-grown and natural diamonds keeps going on within the diamond growing industry. Because the cost of lab grown diamond and natural diamonds significantly different, many people seem confused. But because of this controversy, many people believe lab-grown diamonds to be fake or synthetic diamonds.

As they are sometimes referred as, "man-made diamonds" have several advantages for both the owner and the environment. The human eye cannot distinguish between them and mined diamonds since they share the same chemical and physical characteristics. Learn why lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than natural ones and their benefits in this article.

What Is Lab Created Diamond?

What is lab created diamond

A lab-created diamond is a real diamond that has been produced in a laboratory under extreme conditions using diamond seeds.

People can make diamonds using special methods that copy how they form naturally under the earth's surface. These methods involve high pressure and high temperature. These laboratories produced quality diamond are made entirely of carbon atoms, much like "real" diamonds.

The wonderful thing about lab-created diamonds is that they mimic natural diamonds perfectly. That is because they share the same physical and chemical characteristics as diamonds that are extracted from the soil.

Lab diamonds are difficult to distinguish from natural diamonds. Special tools can detect even the smallest differences in their composition and formation.

Top gem labs like GIA, EGL, and IGI can certify lab-made diamonds. Lab-created diamonds must have this lab certification to be recognized as "real diamonds." Despite their rapid rise in popularity, they nevertheless account for a very small proportion of all diamond sales.

How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Graded and Certified?

How are lab grown diamonds graded and certified

Lab-made diamonds are cut and polished, graded based on 4 C's: carat, color, cut, and clarity, just like natural diamonds. Lab created diamonds are graded by Reputable grading organizations like GIA, HRD, and IGI.

Lab-made diamonds look just like natural diamonds and are difficult to tell apart without a microscope. They have the same properties. Only when using sophisticated, specialized tools can lab-grown diamonds be distinguished from natural/mined diamonds.

Natural Diamond vs. Lab-Grown Diamond

Natural diamond vs lab grown diamond

Lab-grown and earth-mined diamonds are the same, except for their origin. Lab-grown diamonds are made in a lab, while earth-mined diamonds are formed naturally in the earth's mantle. Lab-grown diamonds are just like natural diamonds, but they're not as rare. They have the same properties, like how they look and what they're made of.

Natural diamonds of enormous size and good grade are particularly scarce on earth. However, lab-grown diamonds may be produced in massive quantities over a few weeks. Man-made diamonds cost less than real diamonds because we can make more of them and they are made differently.

Nevertheless, lab-grown and natural diamonds are both real and can only be distinguished by a professional using a specialized tool. Typically, lab-grown diamonds have a certification stating that they were created in a lab.

The Benefits of Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds

The benefits of buying lab grown diamonds

Conflict Free

Lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about unethical mining practices, such as child labor, low wages, or blood diamonds.


A one-carat diamond requires 120 gallons of water. Additionally, 250 tons of dirt and 140 pounds of carbon dioxide are also necessary. Choose lab-grown diamonds to save water, electricity, and air pollution. They're ethical, sustainable, and don't need mining.


Because they are less expensive than natural diamonds of equivalent size and quality, cultured diamonds are a viable diamond substitute. They are therefore a fantastic option for jewelry that is given as gifts, for special occasions, and for regular use.

What is a Lab Grown Diamond Worth?

What is a lab grown diamond worth

Natural diamond prices change slowly, but lab-grown diamond prices can change a lot from year to year.

For many years, lab-grown diamonds were typically cheaper than diamonds mined from the ground. This assumed that the attributes of each diamond shape, color, carat weight, cut quality and clarity grade were almost similar.

Typically, lab grown diamond prices cost between 40% to 50% less than earth mined diamonds. A real diamond costs $1,800, but a lab-made one costs $600-$900 price per carat. If you want a lab-made diamond engagement ring, it could save you a lot of money. Natural diamonds are undoubtedly more expensive, but lab-grown diamonds aren't any worse.

Do Lab Grown Diamonds Hold Their Value?

Do lab grown diamonds hold their value

People often ask if lab-grown diamonds keep their value as more people want them. The bad news is that they do not hold their value as well as real diamonds do. Real diamonds can be worth 25% to 50% of their original value, depending on the market. But lab-grown diamonds might not be worth much if you try to sell them, some people say.

But how much do lab-grown diamonds lose value over time? Lab-grown diamonds may not be valuable when resold. However, if you find the right buyer in the right market, you could make some money.

Do Lab Grown Diamonds Have Resale Value?

Do lab grown diamonds have resale value

Lab-grown diamonds can still be sold, but the market for them is smaller and less competitive than for natural diamonds. Resale value is frequently determined by the cut diamonds carat and quality. But it also depends on the continuously shifting diamond commodities market.

Jewelers don't buy lab-made diamonds, but people who want them will buy them. You won't get all your money back, but you'll get more than some companies give.



The physical and chemical properties of lab-grown diamonds are identical to those of mined diamonds. You may have the best at a low cost with the great value and quality of these fancy colored diamond.

Get affordable diamond jewelry by buying lab-grown diamonds. No need to worry about going over budget when you want to buy a diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly, cheaper, and equally beautiful and durable as mined diamonds.

You will ultimately have to make that decision. Lab-made diamonds are just as good as natural ones. You can get a better one for less money. That's great!